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Do you know the difference between a pair of jeans and motorcycle pants? If your answer is no, then this is the article for you, with tips on how to choose the right safety gear for riding your bike.

What to Look for When Searching For New Motorcycle Gear

Part of buying a motorbike is dreaming about all of the riding you will be doing; with just your jeans, maybe a cool leather jacket that you found at the department store, and definitely no helmet! Of course, as anybody who has ever ridden a motorbike can attest, this is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. However, without the right tips and knowledge, it is a scenario that many first time riders undertake. To help prevent injuries while you ride your new bike, Wesco has a post with some great and important information on what you should wear on a bike, and what to look out for in each of the items.

Let's Start at the Top With Your Helmet

The only way to protect your head when you're riding is with a helmet. Not with the helmet that you use for your regular bike and certainly not the helmet that you use for your sporting games. We are talking about a proper motorcycle helmet. When shopping, look for:
  • A helmet that fits your head snugly but isn't too tight that you are uncomfortable wearing this (this will only stop you from wanting to put it on each time).
  • One that is made from good quality materials
  • One that includes options such as a Bluetooth connection to prevent you from using your phone with your hand while you ride

Moving on Down to Your Jacket

Do you know what looks really good and cool as you strut down the street? A nice denim jacket! Do you know what doesn't protect you in the event that you come off your bike while riding? Yep, you guessed it - a nice denim jacket. When it comes to riding a motorbike, look for:
  • A correctly fitted leather or synthetic blend motorcycle jacket
  • High-quality stitching
  • Reinforcements throughout the jacket to add further protection
  • Provides solid water protection
Of course, staying safe on your bike means more than wearing the right clothing. It also means riding a safe bike. This means basic bike maintenance each month. Something as simple as forgetting to add a bottle of AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil can leave you with a seized engine. If you aren't sure which are the best products for your bike, instead of taking a guess, either check out the online store or speak with an expert at Wesco by calling (847) 922-2654.

It's Time to Tune Michael Jackson With Some Gloves

Of course, the similarities end there. After all, a glittery white glove isn't going to help you on your bike. When looking for gloves, keep these tips in mind:
  • They allow you to safely and easily reach all levers and switches
  • They are made from a strong material (likely to be leather)
  • Offer some level of water protection
  • Include reinforcements to further help in the event of an accident
  • Are the right size

Now It's Time to Put on Some Pants

If you remember the first tip regarding the motorcycle jacket and were disappointed, then prepare for disappointment once more. Denim pants or jeans are not, in any way, a good choice for riding your motorbike. Simply because they aren't designed to provide any level of protection for the wearer and rider. Instead, look for the following:
  • Similar to your jacket, motorcycle pants will include numerous reinforcements throughout the pant
  • They are made from a durable material and stitched together well
  • Offer water protection
  • Are comfortable to wear
  • Include a solid amount of storage space
When choosing motorcycle pants, remember that you will need to wear them before and after your ride, which could include trips into the grocery store. For this reason, be sure you can actually walk in them and aren't locked in a riding position.

Last, but Not Least, It's Your Boots

As you have likely guessed from the theme of the tips so far, regular sports shoes or even that nice pair of leather dress boots just isn't going to cut it. Motorcycle boots have been purpose designed to protect your feet and ankles should you come off your bike. Look for the following when browsing for motorcycle boots:
  • Pick up the boot and give it a good twist. How it responds to your action is a great indication of what it will do in an accident. The less flex, the better.
  • Make sure they offer the right grip. The grip is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, with some riders not feeling confident on their pegs with the wrong boot grip.
  • Similar to the jacket and pants, boots will offer some level of reinforcement to help protect your ankle and possibly your shin.

Give Your Bike a Synthetic Oil Change in Schaumburg, IL

Of course, a large and important part of staying safe on the road is to ride a well-maintained bike. Call (847) 922-2654 and speak with a synthetic oil change expert at Wesco about the right motorcycle oil for your bike. Alternatively, click here to buy AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil or any of the other high-quality motorcycle engine products available from the online store.

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