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There's nothing quite like the feeling or riding a dirt bike. Not only does it give you the ability to speed through tracks, but the torque and power it provides offers great maneuverability to get yourself into, and out of, some tricky spaces. However, there's also nothing quite like the feeling of getting stuck mid-way through your adventure because of a simple maintenance issue.

Along with providing motorists with high-quality motor oils to perform a synthetic oil change on their car, Wesco also stocks a range of products for your dirt bike and has a post with some basic dirt bike maintenance tips to keep your adventure going.

Learn About Your Bike

While the owner's manual is often discarded, it contains valuable information about the specifics of your dirt bike. If you still have your owner's manual, take it out and spend a bit of time learning about your bike. If you don't have yours anymore, you can search online or speak with the manufacturer to get a copy.

The Basics

You would be surprised by the number of times a rider breaks down because of something as small as a loose bolt that has become displaced. When you return from each ride, set aside a few minutes and check the tightness and condition of the various screws and bolts around your bike. If you notice that any have become worn, replace them before your next ride.

Appropriate Tire Pressure

Too often tire pressure doesn't get the attention it deserves. However, the wrong tire pressure can be the difference between speeding through a shallow swamp, and getting stuck in the middle of it. Consider the terrain you will be riding through before you leave home and adjust your tire pressure for where you will be riding the most. Ideally, take a small compressor with you and adjust your tire pressure on-the-fly.


Whether it's your coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid, or general engine oil, they should all be fresh and at the correct levels. Check your owner's manual for any specific fluid requirements your bike has, and for assistance on how to check each one. If you notice that any of your fluids are low, top them up before you ride. If you can, it's a good idea to take the bottles with you if you're taking your bikes on the bakc of a truck and have the storage space. If you are new to dirt bikes or general motorbikes, it is important to note that the engine lubricant you use when you give your car a synthetic oil change is not compatible with your dirt bike. To get the correct high-quality fluids for your dirt bike, contact an expert at Wesco or research the information available at the online store. Using the incorrect engine oil when performing a synthetic oil change can seriously damage your ride, and cause you avoidable headaches.

Cable Tension

Many new riders are unaware that they can adjust the tension of the control cables. Not only can incorrectly adjusted cables cause uncomfortable riding and less than expected performance, but cables that are too loose can become caught up in other mechanisms. If you notice that your RPM increases as you turn without you pulling on the throttle, the steering mechanism could be catching your throttle cable. Take some time to check and adjust the tension of your cables to keep them out the way, and to get them in the right position to give you power when you need it.

Air Filter

You may be used to changing your car's air filter every year or so, or at the least, seeing that your mechanic performs this task. The air filter in your dirt bike, however, is likely to need cleaning or replacing more frequently due to its exposure to more dirt, dust, and general debris. There isn't a hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you should check it, but between 1-3 rides is a good guide. It only takes a couple of minutes and keeping it clean can increase the performance of your ride.

Boost the Performance of Your Dirt Bike With a Synthetic Oil Change in Streamwood

Just like all engines, the performance that you get out of it depends on the products you put in. To keep your dirt bike engine running smooth and performing at its best, only use high-quality motor oils when performing a synthetic oil change. For the right products for your dirt bike, contact an expert at Wesco for more advice, or take a look at the information available at the online store.

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