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If there is one aspect of driving that ever motorist dislikes, it's the constant visits to the gas station to fill up the tank at ever increasing prices. Whether you drive a sports car, a minivan, or an SUV, there isn't anything you can do about the price of gas. However, there is a lot that you can do to minimize the amount of gas your engine needs between visits.

Tips to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

To help you get the most out of every drop of gas that you put in your tank each visit, Wesco has put together an easy to implement list of tips that every motorist can follow to increase their fuel economy.

Change Your Driving Time

One of the biggest wastes of fuel is the time spent in traffic. While most drivers just accept that they are going to get stuck in traffic no matter what they do, something as simple as adjusting the time that you run each of your errands so that you drive on regularly congested roads at times of less traffic can lead to a lot less time stuck in traffic.

Stop Idling Your Car

Most drivers grew up with the belief that you needed to warm up your car before driving. However, with the advancements in engine lubricant technology, most modern vehicles don't need to be warmed up. The next time you are about to drive, wait until you and your passengers are ready to go before switching on your car. While it may seem incidental, 2-3 minutes of warm up time each day quickly adds up.

Use the Right Engine Lubricant

All motorists know that their engine needs oil. However, not all drivers know that using the right oil can increase their fuel economy. When you use the proper grade of engine lubricant in your engine, Ford notes an increase in fuel economy by as much as 2%. Instead of leaving it up to the mechanic, perform a synthetic oil change at home and save yourself a visit to the mechanic and a bill. If you aren't sure which is the proper grade for your vehicle, get expert advice. Contact Wesco and let us know the make and model of your vehicle. With a range of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil products to choose from, Wesco can ensure you get the right one to help increase your fuel economy.

Reduce Tire Friction

As you drive, the motion of your tires causes friction between your tread and the sealed road. If your tire pressure is too low, the amount of resistance increases and your engine has to work harder to keep you moving. An engine that works harder is an engine that requires more fuel. Check your owner's manual and ensure your tires remain at the appropriate pressure. As a bonus, you may also notice an increase in the ability to maneuver your car, as easier steering is also a benefit of correct tire pressure.

Keep It Light

Whether it's your children's bikes or a set of golf clubs that you never got around to taking out of the trunk, the heavier your load, the more energy the engine requires to keep your moving, leading to an increase in the amount of fuel you will use. Before you set off, empty your trunk and car of unnecessary items. The lighter your load, the less gas your engine needs.

Slow and Steady

One of the most common driving styles is the tendency to accelerate as quickly as possible when the light turns green. However, it's often only to be met with almost immediate braking in preparation to stop at the next red light. Not only can this increase your frustration, but it also isn't helping your fuel economy. The next time the light goes green, start off slow. If you notice the light ahead is red, take your foot on the gas pedal and coast to a stop.

The Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Schaumburg

When your engine operates more efficiently, it requires less fuel. And that is exactly what performing a synthetic oil change does to your engine. With purpose designed additives, internal components are provided with high-quality engine lubrication to facilitate smooth operation. Smooth operation translates to less energy required from the engine, resulting in less fuel used. A synthetic oil change is a task that you can do at home; you just have to get a little dirty. Contact Wesco and ask about which AMSOIL synthetic oil is right for your engine.

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