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When it comes to outdoor and off-road adventure there's nothing quite like the exhilaration of owning and riding an ATV. With a mixture of agility and speed, an ATV can be just the adventure vehicle you're looking for. While an ATV may appear to be similar in nature to a dirt-bike, or even a 4WD, it comes with its own unique ownership and upkeep requirements which separate from the two.

Basic Maintenance Tips for Your ATV

For those who currently own and ride an ATV, or for those who are looking at purchasing one and are interested in the type of maintenance and upkeep they will be expected to routinely perform to keep it performing at its best, Amsoil Dealer - Wesco has put together a basic guide to ATV maintenance, outlining what we consider to be some of the top items required to keep your ATV performing at its best.

Like All Good Things...

The best place to start is at the start - and that mean your user manual. Often discarded before you get home, the user manual of an ATV holds a wealth of information regarding the maintenance requirements of your specific model. While it's true that the engine operates in a similar way to others, if there is something purpose designed that you should know about, your user manual is going to be the place to find out about it. Before you take it for a ride, sit down for an hour and give it a good solid read. You won't be sorry.

Fluid Levels

Like all engines, the performance you get out of your ATV engine is only as good as the engine oil which is keeping it running. To keep it in its best shape, a synthetic oil change in Streamwood can provide your engine with a consistent level of lubrication, ensuring each engine component is able to do its job as smoothly as possible, giving you the results you want. Contact Amsoil Dealer - Wesco and let an expert find the right synthetic oil for your engine. With a simple synthetic oil change in Streamwood, your ATV can stay off the road for longer while maintaining peak performance.

Keep It Clean

Looking out at a shiny and clean ATV brings nothing but pride, however looking out at one covered in mud and dirt brings nothing but satisfaction. And while getting it dirty is the very nature of owning and riding an ATV, keeping it clean is vital if you want it to perform at its best. More so than other vehicles, crucial components from its body to its engine are exposed as you ride, quickly collecting mud and debris along the way. If left to accumulate, this can corrode the body and the engine itself, leading to a rough looking ATV and an engine that requires more maintenance you would like. After each ride, take some time to are for your ATV and give it a solid clean. Pay attention to any connection points where dust and dirt can get in and you'll help to keep it off the road for longer.

Chains and Belts

Depending on which type of ATV you're riding, the continuous stops and starts as you navigate your way through and around terrain can take a heavy toll on your chains and drive belts. To keep yours in good condition, try to manage the level of riding that you do, or check their conditions every two to three months. Checking their condition doesn't take long, and if you notice damage, get it fixed before you take it out. Don't take the risk on a belt that could snap or a chain that could snag - it's just not worth it.


When you look at an ATV you will notice that there aren't a lot of electronics on it. And while that can make people think it doesn't have a battery, or that the battery isn't important, an ATV isn't going to start without one. Take the time to learn where yours is and what condition it's in.

The Right Product for Your Next Synthetic Oil Change in Streamwood

Maintaining an ATV so that it is in the best condition to perform at its best doesn't take a lot of time or money, it just takes somebody who knows what to look for. In addition to these tips, do your research and learn what else you can do to help increase the performance and extend the lifespan of your ATV. To bet a fast boost in performance and extension of its lifespan, set aside some time for a synthetic oil change in Streamwood. Contact Amsoil Dealer - Wesco to get the right product which has been purpose designed for your ATV and benefit from the rewards a synthetic oil change in Streamwood can bring.

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