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From traditional driver-side airbags through to cameras which monitor your surroundings and navigate you around dangerous obstacles, cars are becoming packed with more and more safety features.

Gear to Keep Your Safe on Your Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycles, however, the onus is on the rider to take as many precautions they can to stay safe on the road. The first precaution any rider should take is purchasing safety gear. For this post, Wesco has tips to share for choosing your motorcycle safety gear.


Your feet are one of the first parts of your body to come into harm during an accident, so it's important they are as protected as possible.
  • Look for motorcycle boots which include full foot and ankle support and reinforcement.
  • Play with the boot and check how much it flexes. In an accident, this can be an indication as to what your foot will endure.
  • A secure position on your bike is key to riding safely. This extends to your boots. Make sure the grip on the bottom of the boots can grip your bike's supports during wet weather along with general walking.
  • When choosing boots, it's important to remember that they are a protective item, not a fashionable one. Pay attention to the safety features, not just the colors and designs.


Don't even think about wearing regular jeans when riding a motorcycle. As fashionable as they might be, they will offer little to no protection.
  • Look for purpose-designed motorcycle pants made from high-quality material. The better the material, the better protection they can provide.
  • Almost all motorcycle pants will include reinforcements for your knee. However, some brands offer further protection up and down the leg.
  • Keep in mind that motorcycle pants are designed for protection, so they may not be as comfortable as you like at first try. Once you wear them for a couple of days, they will stat to wear in.
  • Remember that there are likely to be times where you'll be wearing these pants when the sun is at its brightest. Look for pants which offer some type of breathable technology to allow you to ride for longer without discomfort.
  • Consider that you will be wearing these pants when you aren't on the bike, such as when you ride to visit friends or complete errands. For this reason, be sure to choose pants with sufficient pockets and storage options.
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Similar to motorcycle pants, a fashionable jacket, even if it's leather, isn't going to make the cut
  • Look for a jacket which includes reinforcements around your elbow joints and along your arm.
  • Don't be confused by a jacket which is water-resistant and one which is water-proof. While they may look similar, the difference will make itself known when you are riding through heavy rain.
  • Look carefully at the quality of the material and its construction. If you come off your bike, the quality of the material can play a large factor in any injuries.
  • Similar to your pants, how well the jacket breathes will determine how comfortable your ride is, and also how long you can ride for without needing to stop and take it off.  Be sure the jacket includes some type of breathable technology.


If you were to come off your bike, your hands would instinctively reach out to cushion your fall. This can lead to serious injury.
  • Look for gloves made from high-quality material, similar to that of your jacket and pants.
  • Some gloves will include reinforcements around the wrist which can provide extra support when your instincts kick in.
  • Make sure that they fit well and that you can grip your handles and levers comfortable and securely. The best gloves in the world won't help you if you can't control your bike while wearing them.


Despite it being last on this list, a motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of safety gear for any rider. When looking, consider the following:
  • Head into your local motorcycle store and get a professional fitting.
  • Don't be tempted to just choose the latest and most expensive helmet available. Choose one which fits you well and provides you will full protection.
  • If you use Bluetooth, consider a helmet with this capability built-in. This can help to prevent distractions while riding.
  • When deciding on design, consider bright decals to make you more noticeable on the road.

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