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If you're living in Cook County, then you've no likely noticed that, while it isn't yet what could be considered warm, the Winter months have gone. Now we aren't saying that it's time for your outdoor adventures just yet, it is that time to start thinking about your Spring Clean.

Give Your Car a Spring Clean With a Synthetic Oil Change in Cook County

While you make a list of home-based items which you have been putting off for quite some time, it's important to remember that your car also needs its fair share of care and attention. If you aren't the most mechanical minded of motorists, yet you still want to do all that you can to keep your vehicle in good shape, Amsoil Dealer - Wesco has a post to help you out.

Empty Your Car

When performing a thorough Spring Clean, you are likely to empty your closet and storage spaces to see which items you no longer need. The same goes for your car. With a spare box or small storage container, go through your car thoroughly and empty all of its contents. From your glove box to your center console to anything and everything you and your family have stored in the trunk. Keep this box aside as it will come in handy further down this list.

Clean Means Clean

Now that your vacuum cleaner is warmed up after cleaning your home it's time to put it to good use and give your car's interior a good vacuum. Be sure to utilize the attachments which came with your vacuum cleaner to access the harder to reach spaces such as those where your foot pedals are along with the gaps between your car seats. If your car includes drink holders or cigarette disposal trays, give these a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any staining.

Check Your Filters

With the interior of your car now clean, it's time to take care of the interior of your engine by checking the condition of your air and oil filters. If they are looking clogged, give them a thorough clean. If they look like a clean isn't going to do the job, it's time to replace them. If you are unsure which air and oil filters are right for your engine, taking a guess isn't a good idea. Get in contact with an expert at Amsoil Dealer - Wesco and utilize their experience to make sure you get the right filter for your engine.

Check Your Fluid Levels

Now that you have the hood of your car already up, it's time to check the fluid levels of your car. Let's start with the most known, your engine oil. Pull out your dipstick, check it's level, put it in and wait 30 seconds, then pull it out once more and confirm the levels. If your levels are looking a little low, either top-up your levels or provide your car with a synthetic oil change in Cook County. Look in your owner's manual and see which other fluids your car's engine uses to operate. The most prominent are going to be your brake fluid and power steering fluid. Smaller and more visible containers around your engine hold these fluids, and you should be able to identify them with a visual inspection of your engine. Similar to your engine oil, if their levels are low, your Spring Clean provides the perfect time to either top them up or replace them.


With the condition of your filter and your fluid levels checked, it's time to move to your car's exterior and check the condition of and the pressure inside your tires. Any small pieces missing from your tire pose the dangerous situation of causing a blowout while you drive, so if you see any tire damage, speak with your mechanic about an immediate replacement. If you tire condition looks okay however the pressure inside them doesn't match the levels in your user's manual, adjust their pressure. Not only can this help to improve the ease of steering your vehicle, but the reduction in road based friction can also increase your car's fuel economy.

Now It's Time for the Box

Remember that box full of items earlier in this list? Now it's time to put them back into your car, one by one, paying attention to each item. If you can't remember the last time you used it, or you simply don't need it anymore, throw it away. The purpose of this task is to minimize the amount of weight your car is carrying around. The heavier your car is during your everyday drives, the more gas it is going to use.

Set Aside Some Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in Cook County

As we mentioned in this article, if any of the fluid levels that you checked were low or your filters were not able to be cleaned, a Spring Clean is the perfect time to give them a refresh. Don't put it off any longer and get in contact with Amsoil Dealer - Wesco. With a wide range of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil and air and oil filters to choose from, Amsoil Dealer - Wesco can ensure you get the right product for your car.

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