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Whether it's the extra passenger space, the additional storage, or an increased sense of safety, more and more people are buying SUVs. And while many of these owners will never take their SUV off a city street, more and more are beginning to use their vehicle's off-road capabilities to explore more destinations than they previously thought possible.

Keep Your SUV Ready for Off-Road Adventure

If this sounds like you, then you're at the right post. In this article, Wesco has put together some information on maintenance tips which you can perform on your SUV, which can prevent a large number of common off-road breakdowns.

Air Filter

Your air filter is responsible for ensuring only clean air is taken in by your engine and combined with your fuel to ignite. This process is the very basis of a combustion engine. While regular driving can see an air filter get a lifespan of about 15,000 to 30,000 miles, more and more off-road adventure means that dust, bugs, and general air contaminants can clog your air filter faster than you may be used to. Located at the top of your engine, take out your air filter and check the fibers inside. If it looks like clean air will have a hard time getting through, either clean it out or replace it.

Oil Filter

While your engine is prepared to produce the power and torque that you need during off-road SUV adventures, if you are using a low-quality oil, these conditions, mixed with the glaring summer sun, can cause it to break down. When this happens, insufficiently lubricated engine parts can begin to wear against each other, causing small metal shavings to travel through your engine where they can cause damage. The role of your oil filter is to catch these before your oil recirculates. However, they can only catch so much. If you have been doing a lot of off-road traveling lately, it's time to get a bit dirty and replace your oil filter. If you're taking the time to replace your oil filter, add a couple of extra minutes and give your SUV a synthetic oil change, too. Not only is a regular synthetic oil change good for general engine performance, but the additives included in a high-quality synthetic oil prevent the type of oil breakdown mentioned above. If you aren't sure which is the right oil for your SUV, don't take a guess and use the wrong one. Contact Wesco to get professional advice on the right AMSOIL engine lubricant for the best synthetic oil change, and prevent engine damage in your SUV.


Keeping the correct pressure in your tires is an important tip for every vehicle, however, with most cars only operating on a sealed road their tire pressure requirements stay the same. If you are taking your SUV off-road, consider the type of terrain you will be tackling and adjust your tire pressure accordingly. If the pressure in your tires isn't suited to the track you will be driving, you could find yourself stuck and your adventure ending sooner than you had planned. In addition to this, once you return home, take some time to inspect the condition of your tires. If you are driving through dirt and mud, then you aren't always able to see or avoid sharp obstacles in your path. These can cause small cuts in your tires which can lead to a blowout while you are driving. A couple of minutes is all it takes and can have a significant impact on your safety.


Nobody said that off-road driving was going to be comfortable. But then again, nobody said it had to be an incredibly rough experience either. If your feel that your driving feels stiff or that the nose of your car dips when you stop, it's a good idea to check your suspension.

Transmission Fluid

Along with your regular fluid check, pay close attention to the level of your transmission fluid. Off-road driving often requires a lot of gear changes, in particular through your lower gears, so ensuring there is sufficient fluid available to and flowing through your transmission system is critical.

Keep It Clean

You may not associate a clean SUV with a well used SUV. However, the purpose of keeping your SUV clean goes well beyond aesthetics. Driving through rough tracks can throw up a lot of dirt and debris. This can become stuck in and to the body and any exposed mechanics of your car, especially your undercarriage. After each drive, take some time to clean your SUV thoroughly, paying close attention to your undercarriage. If any mud or debris is left to accumulate it can lead to corrosion and the need for repair work.

Keep Your SUV Engine in Good Shape With a Synthetic Oil Change in Hoffman Estates

The intense level of driving that you will likely be undertaking puts a strain on your SUV engine. Using an inferior product can not only lead to a drop in your engine performance but unnecessary engine wear and damage. To prevent this, give your SUV a synthetic oil change. Replacing your current motor oil with a high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricant can not only increase its performance but reduce instances of damage. Contact Wesco about your particular SUV model and get the right AMSOIL engine oil for the job.

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