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If that time has arrived where you are ready to get your license and become more independent, and you're looking at a motorbike instead of a car, get ready for excitement and adventure with a vehicle like no other.

To help get you started, Wesco has a list to share which can help you find the right bike and stay safe on the road.

Can You Ride?

If you are gearing up for your very first experience on a bike then riding lessons are the best way to go for a few reasons. Firstly, you will learn the fundamentals skills required to ride a motorbike safely. Secondly, the instructors and other students are great resources to learn about which bikes are well suited to your needs. Lastly, riding schools often have a selection of bikes which new riders can try.

Get the Right Bike for You

It can be tempting to choose the latest and greatest motorbike released. And while it's likely to be a good ride, it may be more than you need. Consider what you actually need and want from a bike, and stay within those guides.


Online spec comparisons are a great way to get side-by-side information on a selection of bikes you have. However, online forums are where the real information is going to be. Look for forums which have discussion boards geared towards beginners as this is where you can ask all the questions you have. When researching about which bike is best suited to you, be sure to check out which products can get the best performance from it. Contact Wesco and ask about the right engine lubricants for your new ride. With a range of AMSOIL engine oils to choose from, Wesco will make sure you get the one you need.

Maintenance Costs

Similar to any vehicle, there are going to be ongoing maintenance costs that you will need to consider. When researching specifications and comparisons, speak with bike owners and ask about expected maintenance costs. In particular, find out how much of the required maintenance can be done by yourself, and how much needs a mechanic's touch. If there are any bikes which are known for costing owners large amounts of money, this is where you will find the information.

Get on the Bike!

Before you make up your mind, narrow down your choices and then take the bikes for a ride. At the very least, get on them in the showroom. How they perform on paper is a great start, however, written information doesn't give you the best understanding of how the vehicle handles, where the seat is positioned,  how the weight is distributed, and how much effort you need to maneuver.

Safety Accessories

It's one thing to ride a motorbike, but it's quite another to ride one safely. The basic starters guide you need will look something like this:
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Motorcycle Jacket
  • Motorcycle Pants
  • Motorcycle Boots
  • Motorcycle Gloves
Did you notice that the word 'Motorcycle' was included in each of those items? This is because it's important that you get the right gear for the job. Regular jeans and a fashionable leather jacket aren't going to cut it in the event of a collision. Head to your local motorcycle gear store and take a look at the difference. Motorcycle pants, as an example, include reinforcements throughout the leg and knee to minimize injury. Once you have the right gear for yourself, don't forget about bike visibility. Get some bright and reflective decals for your bike to make you stand out in the traffic.


Nobody likes to think about it, but it's better to consider it and get a bike which you can afford to ride, instead of one which just sits in the garage. Speak with a few providers about how much a motorbike is going to cost. Keep in mind that each provider likely has engine and size thresholds, which if you stay under, can help you get the best bike at the lowest ongoing insurance rate.

Performing Your Own Synthetic Oil Change in Schaumburg

Given the accessibility of a bike's engine, at-home maintenance is a noted benefit of owning a motorcycle. The key to good maintenance is to use the right products. Contact Wesco and find out which engine lubricants are best suited to your new bike. If you have an idea on the bike you want and want to jump straight into getting maintenance products, the online store has further information about each product available.

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