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When most motorists think of the effects the temperatures can have on their engine the first thought it often extreme heat, and rightfully so. With the amount of advice and products available to keep their engine's running cool, it can often be strange to even consider cold weather as having a negative effect.

Cold Weather Effects on Your Engine and How a Synthetic Oil Change Near Hoffman Estates Can Help

While it's true that the cold weather can have a positive effect on your engine while it runs, Amsoil Dealer - Wesco has some information on the negative effects of cold weather on your engine while it's switched off.

What's Inside Your Engine?

The best place to start is with a brief explanation of your engine and how it operates. At a macro level, your engine is essentially metal parts which interact with and clash against each other during their motions for the purpose of keeping your engine running. From pistons to pumps, everything happens quickly and within tight spaces. To prevent the type of damage which can occur when metal hits metal at high speed, your engine oil provides a barrier of protection which not only sticks to each component to protect it but works to facilitate smooth operation between each part.

What Happens When Your Engine Is off and the Temperatures Drop?

With your engine switched off and as the temperatures drop they affect the oil that has bound to each component. If you are using a conventional engine oil, the temperatures cause it to thicken and retract from the intricate spaces throughout your engine where each part interacts. This leaves crucial interaction points exposed and unprotected.

What Happens When You Switch Your Engine On?

Once you get in your car and switch the engine on, each part of your engine leaps into action, however, while it was once able to perform its actions smoothly with the protection of engine oil it's now forced to operate without it. This leaves your engine components susceptible to engine damage caused by small shards of metal being chipped away as metal hits metal at high speeds and under high pressures. As these shards are broken away, they not only reduce the life of the affected part but travel throughout your engine system actively preventing it from running efficiently as they make their way to your oil filter.

How You Can Protect Your Engine From These Effects?

The very nature of an engine's operation needs engine oil to function, however, all engine oils were not created equal. As automotive technology advanced, an alternative product was created - synthetic oil. By scientifically controlling its refinement and including purpose designed additives into the refinement process, makers such as AMSOIL are able to create a superior engine oil which isn't affected by the cold in this way. With the included additives, synthetic oil maintains its consistency, allowing it to continue providing a comprehensive layer of protection throughout your engine, no matter the temperature. After a synthetic oil change near Hoffman Estates, your engine, your engine and its components are protected from the moment your turn the key.

Prevent Engine Damage With a Simple Synthetic Oil Change Near Hoffman Estates

Products such as synthetic oil aren't only available to mechanics, and in fact, are readily available to motorists just like yourself who want to take care of their engine and get the most out of their engine's lifespan. To learn more or to find out which synthetic oil product is best for your engine, contact Amsoil Dealer - Wesco. Expert in the field of synthetic oil technology, let Amsoil Dealer - Wesco choose from an extensive range of high-quality synthetic oil products to give you the best synthetic oil change near Hoffman Estates.

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